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Our reputation for our high quality standards with respect to our raw materials and final products is precisely why our customers stay with us and refer us. We have still maintained brilliant working relations with our first customers, distributors and partners due to our excellent corporate culture and superior product quality. Everyone at Neeraj Paints And Chemicals and Vikrant Manufacturing Private Limited comply with these properties and try to achieve excellence in all the aspects of their work. 

Superior Quality Standards

We aim to provide high quality services and products everyday that meets or exceeds the requirement of our customers. The company has been a reliable supplier of premium quality thinners, chemicals and steel drums. Further, we have been equipped with established and comprehensive manufacturing technology and quality management system along with well trained employees which enable us to serve the customers with safe and reliable products.

Timely Delivery

We make sure that we deliver the products to our customers on schedule with no compromise with respect to quality. We also ensure that our clients are constantly updated about the transit status of their products. Further we help our clients in deciding product specifications, schedules, and quantity from the very beginning of the engagement to make the process smooth and avoid any delays

Affordable Prices

Cost saving innovations in manufacturing processes, materials and distribution without affecting product quality and overall service has allowed us to provide our customers with premium quality products at highly affordable prices. Our reasonably priced systems will meet your budget demands , at the same time we will exceed your expectations. 

Focus On Client Communication

We work constantly with each of our customer to provide them with a customized experience and make sure their unique needs are met. Our experience allows us to contribute to each customer’s success with communication and expertise. Being able to communicate effectively with our customers has improved our services and allowed us to retain customers and achieve referrals.

High Quality Raw Materials

Over the years, our hard work has made it possible for us to align our company with several industry leading manufacturers and players who supply us with high quality raw materials. This relationship is highly valuable as it further builds on the foundation of trust and respect that our customers have with us. 

Industry Expertise

Over the last 30 years, the company has worked with many successful and highly decorated customers, partners, suppliers and other shareholders and has acquired knowledge and expertise in many areas.  The company has also assembled a highly experienced staff full of knowledgeable employees and technicians which provide us with a competitive edge. All of this combined allows us to provide highly valuable business knowledge and services to our clients. 

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