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Our Epoxy Thinner is a mixture of several hydrocarbons and is designed to thin out paints and reduce their viscosity. It is primarily used as a thinner for all type of Epoxy Primers and Paints. It can also be used within the coatings industry to achieve bubble-free and sagging finish. Epoxy Thinner is a colorless clear liquid with a characteristic odor. We ensure that our product is tested before it arrives at our facility and perform further tests at our state of the art laboratory to ensure its composition, properties and purity. 

Epoxy Thinner is ideal for a general clean up when using paints and is heavily used when reducing epoxy-based primers and coatings. It is recommended for use in laboratories, chemical paints and floor coating where resistance is required against spillage or fume attack from a wide range of chemical and solvents.

  • Compatible with all type Epoxy Paints & Primers
  • Improves the Drying Time
  • Excellent flow promoter
  • Increase Drying Properties
  • Bloom resistant
  • Provides great gloss for epoxy paints
  • Self-leveling when using it with epoxy paints

We provide packaging in PVC bottles / Pet Bottles / Cans / Metal Drums / Steel Barrels. 

Packaging quantities readily available: 500mL, 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 10 Litre , 20 Litre and 200 Litre. 

Any other packing quantity can also be arranged based on the customer requirement. 


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